John A. Megerle

[722-1] - Mr. John A. Megerle, October 16, 2014

[722-2] - Mr. John A. Megerle, October 16, 2014 wearing jungle fatigues and his 44 year old bush hat.

[722-3] - John Megerle and wife, Janice, on their wedding day, February 22, 1969.

[722-4] - John Megerle (right) and Harold Bays on LZ West, 1969 or 1970.

[722-5] - John Megerle, right, and Dick Oswald, on stand down in Chu Lai, 1969-70.

[722-6] - Jerry Parmele on LZ West, 1969-1970

[722-7] - Left to right: Al Merryman, John Megerle, and Tom Devlin. Vietnam 1970.

[722-8] - John Megerle with M16. Vietnam, 1969-70.

[722-9] - John Megerle holding captured AK-47. Photo taken while in the rear with 8 days remaining in Vietnam.

[722-10] - Members of Alpha Company, including Harold Bays, boarding a chopper.

[722-11] - Danny Simms of California sits atop a bunker on LZ West.

[722-12] - Yellow smoke popped to bring in choppers to take platoon to LZ Siberia.

[722-13] - John cooks rations for Tom Devlin and himself.

[722-14] - John Megerle clowns around with hat Tom Devlins wife sent him.

[722-15] - John Megerle eats chow at laager at French Hooch.

[722-16] - Getting loaded in the rear with a couple of buddies, March 1970. Left to right, John Megerle; unidentified; Recon Rick.

[722-17] - John drinking a Bud at laager.

[722-19] - March 1970, Dick Frain, left and Jim Neldner.

[722-20] - John moving out from the French Hooch laager.

[722-21] - Megerle and squad in the field in February 1970

[722-22] - A track unit works with Alpha Company.

[722-23] - John Megerle, right, and Dick Frain making tea at a day laager.

[722-24] - On stand down in Chu Lai. Left to right: Dave Gould, Ray Stark, Dick Thinnes, Tom Devlin, Harold Bays (in back), and Dick Frain showing his head wound.

[722-25] - Bunker on LZ West.

[722-26] - Tom Devlin at laager in February of 1970.

[722-27] - A Kit Carson scout talks to a captured NVA. A chopper came and picked up the prisoner.

[722-28] - In the field. Left to right: Tom Devlin, John Oiestad, Harold Bays.

[722-29] - John Megerle on LZ Siberia.

[722-30] - John removing his boots at a day laager.

[722-31] - Left to right: Dick Oswald, Harold Bays and right, John Oiestad.

[722-32] - John Megerle on a sweep near LZ Siberia. On back of photograph, Janice had just given birth to Jennifer.

[722-33] - John Megerle cleaning his rifle on LZ West.

[722-34] - John Megerle in the field.

[722-35] - Bill Powell, another member of Megerles squad, in the field.

[722-36] - Three friends enjoy a beer in the bunker at LZ West. Left to right: Tom Devlin, John Megerle, John Oiestad.

[722-37] - John Megerle, left, and John Oiestad, on chopper pad on LZ West.

[722-38] - John relaxing in a day laager. An M-79 hangs in foreground.

[722-39] - Ron German enjoying a cigar on stand down in Chu Lai.

[722-40] - John''s map showing LZ Siberia, LZ Karen and LZ West.

[722-41] - "Seconds before we were mortared." Left to right: Megerle, JJ, William Powell, Jerrry Conlong and Jim Neldner.

[722-42] - Crossing the river. Dan Simmons (center), John Megerle (right)

[722-43] - See archived DVD for additional images.

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