Mark Edward Klever

[710-2] - Mark Klever, probably taken while in AIT at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

[710-3] - Mark soon after completing advanced individual training. January 1970, at Klever home in Milwaukee.

[710-4] - Mark at home after basic training and advanced individual training, Milwaukee, January 1970.

[710-5] - Mark (right) with Jim Easterling in the field.

[710-6] - This photo was taken just minutes after the company had received over 30 mortar rounds. Mark is second from left. All others unknown.

[710-7] - Burial of Mark Edward Klever, summer of 1970, at Kempster Cemetery, Kempster, Wisconsin.

[710-8] - Donald and Mildred Klever being presented Mark's medals.

[710-9] - Mark's medals. Top, left to right, Bronze Star with V for Valor, Purple Heart. Lower row, left to right, Vietnam Service Medal, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal.

[710-10] - Mark and his niece, Yvonne Krause about 1955-1956, possibly taken in Jackson, Wisconsin.

[710-11] - Mark's parents, Donald Victor Klever and Mae Mildred Klever, circa 1970s.

[710-12] - Donald Klever, 17, and Mae Mildred Merrill, 13, taken in 1923 in front of barn in area of Summit Lake, Wisconsin.

[710-13] - John and Pat Klever.

[710-14] - Report of Casualty

[710-15] - Telegram from the Army

[710-16] - See archives for additional photos

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