Thomas John Roberts

[709-2] - Photo of Thomas John Roberts after medics school at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

[709-3] - Thomas Roberts, Doc "Mouse", in Vietnam.

[709-4] - Jim Logue writes: "As the Second Platoon moves out on patrol Doc Roberts, better known as "Mouse" watches and waits for his place in line. You can easily see his medic bag hanging over his left shoulder. Not long after this photo was taken we captured two NVA soldiers. Mouse assisted in the capture and movement of the POW's across an open field where he was shot and killed by a sniper. Photo taken on August 22, 1970"

[709-5] - Thomas' medics notebook with resupply list.

[709-6] - Thomas' mother, Laura Margaret Kramer Roberts, graduation from nursing school, fall 1944.

[709-7] - Thomas' father, Floyd E. Roberts, April 1944

[709-8] - Floyd and Margaret in the backyard in Burlington, Wisconsin, 1945, soon after Floyd returned from World War II.

[709-9] - Nancy Roberts, 3, and Thomas Roberts, 6 months old, December 1948, Burlington, WI.

[709-10] - Thomas, age 3, at home in Burlington, WI.

[709-11] - Donald (left),Tom, (center), holding catfish and Daniel, ca 1952.

[709-12] - Thomas John Roberts graduation photo from Burlington High School, 1967.

[709-13] - Thomas lying in the grass in the backyard in Burlington.

[709-14] - Thomas John Roberts obituary

[709-15] - Thomas John Roberts parents receiving his Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

[709-16] - Thoughts on Thomas Roberts at his funeral.

[709-17] - Thomas' last letter home, likely the second week of August.

[709-18] - Thomas' gravesite.

[709-19] - See Archived DVD for Additonal Images

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