Keith A. Lochner

[690-2] - Keith Lochner at Fort Benning, GA, July 1969.

[690-3] - Keith Lochner, 1969, either at Fort Knox, KY, Fort Polk, LA or at Fort Benning, GA.

[690-4] - Keith Lochner, Vietnam, March 1970, with INDIANA written on helmet camouflage cover.

[690-5] - Keith Lochner (left) with Gary Himelick, either at Fort Knox or at Fort Polk, LA.

[690-6] - Keith out in the field, South Vietnam.

[690-7] - Keith Lochner (right) with Gary Himelick during stand down at Chu Lai.

[690-8] - Keith out in the field, South Vietnam.

[690-9] - Keith with Vietnamese children, in the field in Vietnam, 1970.

[690-10] - Keith with Cheryl Hethcote after his graduation from basic training, in restaurant in Fort Knox, KY.

[690-11] - Left to right, Dean Lochner, Jake and Betty Lochner, Cheryl Hethcote, and Keith Lochner, after Lochners graduation from Fort Knox, KY, 1969.

[690-12] - The Hethcote home, 1969; a going away party before Keith left foro Fort Knox. Left to right, Chery Spence (holding son, Tracy), Angie Spence, Mike Spence, Keith Lochner, Cheryl Hethcote, Betty Lochner, Dean Lochner, Jake Lochner.

[690-13] - Gary Himelick and Paulette Glassburn wedding, December 27, 1969.

[690-14] - Keith and Cheryl at the Lochner home the morning he left for Vietnam.

[690-15] - Pallbearers bearing Keith Lochners body at Gardens of Memory, Marion, Indiana, May 4, 1970.

[690-16] - Gary and Paulette Himelick at Gardens of Memory after Keith Lochners burial May 4, 1970.

[690-17] - Left to right, Cheryl Hethcote, Jacob Lochner, Betty Lochner, with Colonel Gordon L. Graber, Deputy Post Commander, Fort Harrison, Indiana, making the presentations posthumously of Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Good Conduct Medal, 14 September 1970

[690-18] - Family of Sergeant Keith A. Lochner, Marion Indiana, after awards ceremony when the young soldier was posthumously presented Army medals by Deputy Post Commander, Colonel Gordon L. Graber, at Fort Harrison, Indiana.

[690-19] - Keith Lochner and Cheryl Hethcote at Lochner home, circa 1968.

[690-20] - Keith Alan Lochner, approximately one year old. Taken at the Lochner home, Fairmount, IN.

[690-21] - Keiths 1967 Fairlane Ford, in driveway of Hethcote house.

[690-22] - Keith Lochner approximately age 18.

[690-23] - Keiths awards and decorations display.

[690-24] - Cheryl Hethcote Bockmon holding Keith's funeral flag.

[690-25] - Dean Lochner Keiths awards and decorations display.

[690-26] - Letter from Captain John Wilson to Keith's parents, Jacob and Betty Lochner, May 6, 1970.

[690-27] - Letter from Keith, in Vietnam, to the Hethcote family.

[690-28] - Record of Person Property

[690-29] - Notice of Classification from draft board.

[690-30] - Newspaper article about Keith and Gary.

[690-31] - Newspaper reports Keith's death.

[690-32] - The Fairmont News reports Keith's death.

[690-33] - Engagement announcement.

[690-34] - Telegrams concerning Keith's death.

[690-35] - PDF - Letters to and from Keith.

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