Donald G. Graves

[657-1] - The Starwood, Hollywood California, May 26, 1980. Glen playing for Danny Johnson and the Bandits

[657-2] - At a Hollywood party in 1980. Glen Graves in black shirt, Bette Midler with blue hat, Danny Johnson with red scarf.

[657-3] - Three Little Sergeants. L to R: Thomas Graves, Gary Graves and Glen Graves waiting to go on the Hub Brando Show in Shreveport, LA, 1962

[657-4] - The Graveyard at Whiskey A Go Go, 1972. Left to right: Glen Graves, Thomas "Tag" Graves, unknown roadie. Tom McGullah bottom, middle.

[657-5] - At Steamboat Annies in Shreveport, LA, 1980. Lt o R: Glen Graves, Johnny Vickors, Eddie Van Halen. Glen is singing along with Van Halen before going on stage to play with The Kidz

[657-6] - The Kidz performing at Steamboat Annies in Shreveport, LA, 1980. Left to right: Johnny Vickors, Eddie Van Halen, Glen Graves on drum.

[657-7] - Shreveport Times,1970. News article about the band Just Us. Thomas Graves, Greg Tullier, Glen Graves, Gary Graves and Jack Fortner.

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