Willie C. Bissic

[564-2] - September, 1965 in Simsboro, Louisiana, on leave from basic training. Nephew, Cedric Hemphill, Willie Bissic (center), niece, Sharon Hemphill.

[564-3] - A Sunday in August, 1965. Hanging out with friends at Fort Riley, Kansas. Nathaniel Greene (from Chicago), "Charlie" (Detroit, MI), Willie Bissic. Taken one month before going to Vietnam.

[564-4] - Vietnam, September 1965. An open field with military trucks in the background. One of the scenes greeting Willie upon arriving in Vietnam.

[564-5] - Vietnam, 1965. Willie Bissic and Sgt. Richardson, from Houston, TX, standing in front of a facility used as an outhouse.

[564-6] - Vietnam, 1965. Laundry area: piles of laundry bags awaiting cleaning and a soldier loading one of the washing machines.

[564-7] - Willie Bissic at Fort Riley, Kansas, 1965

[564-8] - 1965. The chapel at Fort Riley, Kansas where soldiers attended church on Sunday's.

[564-9] - Willie Bissic at Fort Polk, Louisiana, September 28, 1964

[564-10] - Willie Bissic's barracks at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1965.

[564-11] - Behind a Vietnamese village located in Long Binh, Vietnam, an area between the 93rd Evacuation Hospital and Bien Hoa Air Base. 1965

[564-12] - Village life in Long, Binh, Vietnam, 1965

[564-13] - Vietnamese shoe-shine boy, 1965

[564-14] - Willie Bissic taking a break from his job as a cook. Vietnam, 1965.

[564-15] - Vietnam, 1965. An American soldier standing in front of a container used to house cold/frozen food.

[564-16] - Vietnam, 1965. A Vietnamese lady standing in front of a tent that was used as a kitchen. She was utilized as an interpreter for the Vietnamese who worked in the kitchen with the American soldiers.

[564-17] - Vietnam, 1965. Sgt. Kapusta (from New York) and Willie Bissic. Off duty and dressed in civilian clothing. Kitchen tent in the background.

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