Richard Lee Gholston

[558-1] - Richard Gholston with his wife Betty Calhoun Gholston and congressman Rodney Alexander, March 2012

[558-2] - Richard Gholston in uniform at basic training in Fort Polk, Louisiana

[558-3] - Richard Lee Gholston in Vietnam, June 1968

[558-4] - Richard Gholston in Cam Ranh, Vietnam holding up a "black power" symbol with his fist.

[558-5] - Richard Gholston (far right) with his squad

[558-6] - Soldiers in back of a Chinook getting supplies

[558-7] - A soldier in Richard's squad kneeling in front of enemy weapons found.

[558-8] - Richard Gholston kneeling by recovered enemy weapons

[558-9] - Close-up of recovered enemy weapons

[558-10] - A Chinook helicopter dropping off supplies to Gholston's unit/squad. FYI: The Chinook is a multi-mission, heavy-lift transport helicopter. Its primary mission is to move troops, artillery, ammunition, fuel, water, barrier materials, supplies and equipment on the battlefield. Its secondary missions include medical evacuation, disaster relief, search and rescue, aircraft recovery, fire fighting, parachute drops, heavy construction and civil development. They were introduced in 1962 and deployed to Vietnam.

[558-11] - Compact air assault helicopters flying to battle

[558-12] - Constantan Wire Fence used to keep enemy's from entering territory. Much like barbed wire; however, the prongs are larger and sharper.

[558-13] - Richard, Betty, LaTonya, and Reginald Gholston (wife & children)

[558-14] - Bobby Hanspard Gholston (wife of Herbert Gholston), Ella Gholston (Mother of the Gholston family), Herbert Gholston (Richard's brother), served in the U.S. Army Reserve

[558-15] - DD 214

[558-16] - Newspaper Article: Alexander Honors Veterans; "The News Star"; March 13, 2012

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