Richard G. Harris

[537-2] - Richard G. Harris, Basic Training.

[537-3] - Cover of photo album "Hellcat 10" compiled by Al Woods. Commander: Al Woods; Gunner: Richard Harris; Driver: John Hockwater.

[537-4] - H Troop, 17th Cav, 198th Light Infantry Departing Oakland, CA for Da Nang, Vietnam on the USS Upshur September 1, 1967. Photo by Al Woods

[537-5] - The USS Upshur Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge enroute to Da Nang, Vietnam September 1, 1967. Photo by Al Woods

[537-6] - Capt Reisor aboard the Upshur

[537-7] - Hellcat 10 near Landing Zone Bayonet. Central Highlands

[537-8] - Landing Zone Bayonet with South China Sea in the background. Central Highlands

[537-9] - "Hellcat 10" Parked Near Bunker 1 at LZ Bayonet. Central Highlands

[537-10] - No Man's Land from Bunker 1. Central Highlands

[537-11] - Photos of: LZ Bayonet, the South China Sea and a POW Compound. Central Highlands

[537-12] - Photos of Hellcat 10 and Hellcat 16 with Robert Wood and Al Woods

[537-13] - Hellcat 10 in the brush of the Central Highlands. Hochwater in front driving, behind him Wood at .50 cal machine gun and behind Robert Wood is Allan Woods, standing, then Richard Harris holding rifle.

[537-14] - Hellcat 10 in the brush of the Central Highlands

[537-15] - Hellcat 10: Adinolfi on the left, unknown in the center and Richard Harris on the right. In the Central Highlands

[537-16] - ARVN Ambulance Near the Village of Quang-Nai

[537-17] - Villiage of Quang-Nai

[537-18] - Duc-Pho Beach where an M-48 tank ran over a 500 pound land mine.

[537-19] - Duc-Pho Hilton, a temporary shelter in the central highlands made by the crew of Hellcat 10 using poncho liners.

[537-20] - Harris standing next to Hellcat 10 parked at the "Hilton"

[537-22] - Hellcat 10 on the beach at Duc-Pho with Al Woods in front (to the right) and Harris in the middle and Robert Wood at the back

[537-23] - Uncovering a rice cache at the old French Fort. (Al Woods)

[537-24] - Capt Reisor (right, facing camera) at the rice cache

[537-25] - Photos taken at Bin-Sohn Bridge. Hochwater third photo down, sitting on rail

[537-26] - Al Woods washing up next to Hellcat 10

[537-27] - Ly-Tin Villiage, Ly-Tin Provincial HQ compound, Hellcat 10 after damage from RPG-4 incurred at Ly-Tin

[537-28] - Battle damage on Hellcat 10. Harris wounded during this battle

[537-32] - Weapons captured at the battle of Ly-Tin

[537-33] - Ly-Tin

[537-34] - Sgt Allen C. Woods holding the RPG tht damaged Hellcat 10

[541-35] - News article: Sgt Allen C. Woods receives Purple Heart

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