Robert F. Zahn

[536-2] - Ensign Robert F. Zahn, 1944

[536-3] - Battalion II, Company B, Platoon #8, United States Naval Flight Preparatory School, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, May 8, 1943. Front Row: Mel Hienold; Jim Winspear; Ralph Wheeler; Marsh Roach; Charles Dietz; John OBrien; Paul Werner. Second Row: George Wagner; Moe Krsner; Merle Zinkann; Sexy Monroe; George Gunningham; Harvey Whitbeck; Hank Abraszech. Back Row: Stan Winters; Doc Adams; Preston White; Don Yauchzy; John Friedman; Robert Zahn; Maynard Wasmund. Not in picture: Jack Wend; Bob Washburg; Carl Thomas.

[536-4] - Pilots and aircrew of Composite Squadron VC-70 aboard the USS Salamaua (CVE-96) 1945. Parker; Fitch; Dooley; Hoskins; Depoali; Berchtold; Brandler; Unterkircher; Daio; Hall; Ross; Radtile; Wheeler; Wood; Knoll; Rieser; Robertson; Patch; Hultgren; Walters; Williams; Coppic; Nelson; Holben; Genishore; Dunham; Land. Slade; Semmer; Mufford; Bud Niel; R. D. Smith; P. D. Black; Weeds; Hanlan; Barc; Cosswell; Gordon; McPhillips; Carlson; Atkins; Guns Nordholm; S. K. Smith; Pinkey McLaughlin; Tiffan; Stevens; Curley Broerman; Huff; Malke; Doc Whittaker; Wilkerson; Burt ?; Krug Kruger; Jeff Jeffers; Sanders; Bull McMann; Hammond; Stirlson ?: Robinson; Antley ?; Cole; Parks; Parlet; MacIntosh; Wilson; Walters; T. P. Hamilton: Joe Baland; Gavnier; Frazier; Shaffer; Felter; Spears; Zwink; McDaniel; Haycock; Peoro; Papkins; Hoosay; Parker; Silvey; Casey; Tyndell; Johnson; Kaplan; Bentz; Mirris; Aigner; Faunle; Alexander; Ort; Johnson; Wolf; Warnoer; Beatty; Bean; Twitty; Lowrey; Redmond; Hays; Stavron; Key; Ellis

[536-5] - U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School, Chapel Hill, NC. Bob Zahn fifth row from the bottom, far right.

[536-6] - U.S.S. Salamaua, CVE-96. ca 1944

[536-7] - Bob Zahn landing on the U.S.S. Salamaua, CVE-96 in a Wildcat. ca 1945

[536-8] - Ensign Robert F. Zahn flying a Wildcat FM-2 somewhere in the Pacific. 1945

[536-9] - Ensign Robert F. Zahn, 1943

[536-10] - Ensign Robert F. Zahn, ca 1944

[536-11] - Bob Zahn (right) with Russ Browne on Guam, 1945

[536-12] - Bob's Military Display Case

[536-13] - Bob and Nita in Shreveport, 2003

[536-14] - Bob and Nita on their wedding day in Houston, TX

[536-15] - Front cover of Bob's logbook

[536-16] - Inside cover of Composite Squadron VC-70 history book

[536-17] - United States Navy Discharge Certificate

[536-18] - Notice of Separation from the US Navy

[536-19] - Bobs WWII itinerary kept during the war by his mother

[536-20] - The Best of Times magazine cover

[536-21] - A short article about Bob's wartime activities.

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