Louis M. Frazier

[521-2] - 2nd Lt. Louis M. Frazier, Jr., U. S. Marine Corps 1943

[521-3] - Cadet Colonel Louis M. Frazier, Jr. Army ROTC at Graduation from Arkansas State College, 1943

[521-4] - The National Society of Scabbard & Blade, Arkansas State College 1942-1943. Front Row L to R: Cadet Lt. Col. Louis M. Frazier, Jr. (Senior), Cadet Capt. Raymond Pate (Senior), Lt. Eric Meyer (U.S. Army - Instructor), Cadet Major Sam McGinnis (Senior), Cadet Sgt. Bob Torian (Junior), Back Row L to R: Cadet Major Bob Ahern (Senior), Cadet Sgt. Merle Goodart (Junior), Cadet Capt. Les Jones (Senior), Cadet Sgt. Horace Mooring (Junior), Cadet Sgt. Bankston Waters (Junior)

[521-5] - Louis M. Frazier, Jr., Island of Maui, 1945

[521-6] - Naval Gunfire Officers, 4th Assault Signal Company; 1st Row L to R: C. Hedgins, L. Frazier, V. Connizaro, G. Foote, J. Cooper, E. Johnson, R. Dablous, J. Walsh, B. Golden, F. Tuttle, G. Van Keuren, B. Diodue; 2nd Row L to R: E. Doherty, C. Becktold, J. Batts, C. Wells, J. Clowes, D. Lyons, J. Morrow, T. Wills, R. Beck, N. Bohan, J. Adamson, P. Kemner, J. Billings; September 19, 1945

[521-7] - 4th Assault Signal Company Officers; 1st Row L to R: Smith, Burbany Clark, Self, Creel, Cate, MacFarland, Thompson, Johnson, Dablow, Deornig, Schley, Dressin, Petro, Diodue; 2nd Row L to R: Connizaro, Sipp, Foote, Becktold, Batts, Wells, Cooper, Bohan, Morrow, Wills, Walsh, Golden, Tuttle, Van Keuren, Kemner, Adamson; 3rd Row L to R: Penfro, Kelley, Frazier, Hudgins, Reicter, Allen, Doherty, Clowes, Lyons, Gleysteen, Nickols, Beck, Deighan, Holland, Muthig, Anderson, Billings; September 19, 1945

[521-8] - Roger Beck, Ted Wills, Louis Frazier, Maui, Summer 1945

[521-9] - Louis Frazier, Paul Kemner, Roger Beck, Barracks Tent, Maui, 1945

[521-10] - Louis Frazier's Jeep. H Battery Commander. The only Closed In Jeep in 3rd Battalion

[521-11] - 105 Howitzers of "H" Battery, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines; Tientsin,China, 1945

[521-12] - Louis Frazier with Richard Warren at Warrens Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, Branson, Missouri, December 30, 2006

[521-13] - Certificate of Service

[521-14] - W II Certificate of Service

[521-15] - Certificate of Instruction: Thirty-second Reserve Officers' Class

[521-16] - Certificate of Instruction: Field Artillery Course

[521-17] - Relief from Active Duty from the U.S. Marine Corps

[521-18] - Relief from Active Duty from the U.S. Marine Corps (2)

[521-19] - Relief from Active Duty from the U.S. Marine Corps (3)

[521-20] - Letter of Appreciation for Service in WW II from President Harry Truman

[521-21] - Letter of Thanks from Gen. A. A. Vandergrift

[521-22] - Certificate of Retirement: U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

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