Frank L. James

[367-2] - Frank L. James, Jr. (right) with His Brother John Earl James, in the Navy During WWII

[367-3] - Monique Berthet ca 1940

[367-4] - Frank L. James, Sr and Joy Lee Guedon James. While They Were Living in Boyce, LA

[367-5] - Frank L. James, Jr.'s Daughters at a Family Party in 1998. Left to Right: Patty, Dixie, Monique, Barbara

[367-6] - John Hudson James, Grandfather of Frank L. James, Jr., at his Last Day of Work upon Retiring as a Railroad Engineer

[367-7] - Frank L. James, Jr. (center) in Command of Merchant Marine Drill Team Section Seven at Pass Christian, Mississippi, 1949

[367-8] - Frank L. James, Jr. with Mother and Grandmother (Clara Jane Grifing Guedon) in Church Hill, Mississippi ca 1947

[367-9] - Flight 51 Posing with Grumman Torpedo Bomber at Jacksonville, Florida July 1943. Frank L. James, Jr. Standing 12th From Right. Other Classmates: Wilbur S. Scott, Howard M. Swank, Thomas H. Fitzpatrick, Walter Titty Tittenington, Nicholas Cass, Robert Mann, Lawrence W. Woodall, Earlie Stacy, Joe Broadwater, Frank L. James, Jr., Paul Bondt, Lawrence B. Judge, Earle A. Lowell, Wendell P. Chambers, Eugene C. Rupert, Norman Morgan, Joseph Doggett, Deale Gillum, Alfred Poe

[367-10] - The James Family of Rancagua, Chile, November 1952

[367-11] - The Frank L. James, Jr. Family Leaving South America to Return to the U. S. A. in 1960

[367-12] - Frank L. James, Jr. Honorable Discharge From the Navy March 23, 1946

[367-13] - Article 1275 of the Navy Regulations Pertaining to the Conduct of Petty Officers.

[367-14] - Seaman Second Class Frank L. James, Jr. Graduation Certificate from Aviation Ordnancemens School August 14, 1943

[367-15] - Frank L. James, Jr. Certificate of Baptism May 31, 1925

[367-16] - Frank L. James, Jr. State High School Diploma, August 14, 1942

[367-17] - Certificate of Matrimony: Frank L. James, Jr and Monique Winnifred Berthet Kahler

[367-18] - Frank L. James, Jr. at Merchant Marine Cadet School

[367-19] - Frank L. James, Jr. at Merchant Marine Cadet School

[367-20] - Frank L. James, Jr. (Left) with Mother and Brother John in Pineville, LA ca 1944

[367-21] - Frank L. James, Jr. in Pineville, LA ca 1944

[367-22] - Frank L. James, Jr. in Maui ca 1944

[367-23] - Catch of Fish! Frank L. James, Jr. with His Brother John, Church Hill, Mississippi ca 1945

[367-24] - Frank L. James, Jr. with Daughter Dixie Fishing in Chile, ca 1949

[367-25] - Frank L. James Jr. and Fmily in Peru, 1957

[367-26] - Frank L. James, Jr. Presenting Certificate to Copper Mine Employee in La Oroya, Peru May 5, 1959

[367-27] - Display Case With Frank James WWII Medals and Logbook.

[367-28] - Frank L. James, Jr. Appointment to Cadet Midshipman in the United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps October 20, 1947

[367-29] - Frank L. James Jr. Naval Air Gunners School Diploma September 15, 1943

[367-30] - Letter of Thanks from President Harry S. Truman

[367-31] - News Article: Frank James, Jr. is Cadet Midshipman

[367-32] - Frank L. James Jr. Birth Notice in the Alexandria Daily Town Talk

[367-33] - Photo Collage of Frank L. James Jr.

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