Mamie Love Wallace

[302-2] - Mamie L. Wallace, 1945

[302-3] - Mamie L. Wallace and Clemmie Love, Downtown Shreveport, 1943

[302-4] - Mamie L. Wallace on Right, State Convention Cosmotology

[302-5] - Mamie L. Wallace (Left) with her sisters Hilgard Banks (Middle), Robert Lee Diston (Right), Lula May Wright (Seated)

[302-6] - Mamie L. Wallace (Left) and Anne Brewster (Right), Beauty Shop

[302-7] - Stewart Family Photo - Back Row L to R: Eugene English, Eddie Eugene Stewart, Mary Lee Stewart (Roger's Wife), Robert Lee Stewart Coleman (Mamie's Sister), Roger Legirt Sewart (Mamie's Brother) Second Row L to R: Louis Bernice Coleman, Gloria Jean Coleman, Oscar Coleman, Josephine English (Mamie's Grandmother), Lula Area Stewart (Mamie's Mother), Mamie Bell Stewart, Hilyard Stewart, Hattie English (Mamie's Aunt), Roger Alfred Stewart, Booker T. Stewart, Clemmie Love (Mamie's Husband), 2 children of Lois Bernice Coleman

[302-8] - Mamie L. Wallace (2nd from Right), Marriage to Jack Wallace (Right), Hilyard Banks, Sister (2nd from Left), Grover Skannel (Left)

[302-9] - Mamie L. Wallace (Right), Anne Louise Stewart (Left); Mamie Wallace raised Anne Louise as her child

[302-10] - Mamie L. Wallace - Photo of Mother, Lula A. Moore Stewart, passed away at 105 years of age

[302-11] - Mamie L. Wallace - Riley (Center) with Hank Aaron and president of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York

[302-12] - Mamie L. Wallace - Brothers: Riley, Junior, Louis, Bob

[302-13] - Mamie L. Wallace - Brother Riley Stewart, 1st Black Assistant Principal at Airline High School, Bossier City, Louisiana

[302-14] - Mamie L. Wallace - Activist Anne Brewster

[302-15] - Newspaper Photo - Mamie L. Wallace (Right) and Sister Margaret McCaffery at State Capitol

[302-16] - Newspaper Article featuring Mamie Love

[302-17] - News Article in The Times dated February 28, 1993, "Women Who Have Made a Difference" naming Mamie Love Wallace in 1992

[302-18] - News Article in The Times dated February, 1993, "Memorial Rites to Honor Activist Brewster"

[302-19] - Supporters of Bishop College including from right corner: Lula Stewart, Rev. C.A.W. Clark, unknown, and Rev. J.T. Stewart, May 1964

[302-20] - Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Mamie S. Wallace, Introduction

[302-21] - Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Mamie S. Wallace, Page 1

[302-22] - Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Mamie S. Wallace, Page 2

[302-23] - Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Mamie S. Wallace, Page 3

[302-24] - Mamie L. Wallace - Flyer for H.A.I.R. Impact '97

[302-25] - Article featuring Mamie L. Wallace, Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. Beta Psi Chapter, Issue Five, February 1996

[302-26] - Mamie L. Wallace - Daughter Gwen

[302-27] - Mamie L. Wallace - News Article on the death of Riley Stewart

[302-28] - Mamie L. Wallace - Rev. R. A. Stewart

[302-29] - Mamie L. Wallace - Photos and Articles on Riley Stewart

[302-30] - Mamie L. Wallace - Photos and Articles on Riley Stewart

[302-31] - Mamie L. Wallace - Photo taken in front of the Galilee Baptist Church at 854 Williamson Street in Shreveport, Louisiana: Left to Right: Mr. Ralph Abernathy, Mamie Love Wallace, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bernice Smith

[302-32] - Caption attached to original photograph (302-31) when copied by the R. W. Norton Art Foundation August 15, 2006.

[302-33] - Newspaper photo - Mamie L. Wallace (Left) and Lloyd Thompson listening to local speakers talk about Martin Luther King, Jr.

[302-34] - Mamie L. Wallace - Galilee Baptist Church program for the Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention, July 26-31, 1953. Martin Luther King delivered his first speech in Shreveport at this church new referred to as "Old Galilee"

[302-35] - Mamie L. Wallace - Newspaper Photo of local ministers and community leaders, Dr. C.O. Simpkins (L) and Dr. Martin Luther King highlighted

[302-36] - Mamie L. Wallace - News Photo, Mamie Love Wallace comforting Georgia Lou Tucker, the Great-grandmother of a shooting victim

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