John L. Iles

[215-2] - John Lucius Iles in High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ca. 1938

[215-3] - John L. Iles Certificate of Honorable Discharge, United States Navy

[215-4] - John L. Iles Notice of Separation from U.S. Naval Service

[215-5] - John L. Iles Notice of Separation from U.S. Naval Service (Negative)

[215-6] - United States Senate Chamber card signed by John F. Kennedy, Senator, giving John L. Iles admission to the reserved gallery for the 83rd Congress, dated January 11, 1953

[215-7] - Card to John Iles from Robert and Ethel Kennedy thanking him for his sympathy letter on the death of John F. Kennedy

[215-8] - Letter from John Iles, dated September 26, 1988, containing a story about one of his meetings with John F. Kennedy

[215-9] - An account of the PT Boat Daylight Raid on August 22, 1943

[215-10] - Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla One Despatch dated November 29, 1943. A message of congratulations.

[215-11] - Message of congratulations to Torpedo Boat Squadron Six.

[215-12] - Account of Civil Rights Activity of John L. Iles, ca. 1950's

[215-13] - News article in Shreveport's The Times" regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and write-up

[215-14] - Letter from Dick Keresey to W. F. Barrett, Jr., Grady Chandler, Hardin Conn, W. B. Coe, Jr. and John L. Iles concerning write-up by John L. Iles on his entry into Squadron 5; cover and page 1.

[215-15] - John L. Iles entry into Squadron 5, pages 2-3

[215-16] - John L. Iles with autographed photo of John F. Kennedy

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