Carroll H. Goyne

[183-2] - First photo of Carroll H. Goyne, Jr. wearing an Army uniform. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 1943

[183-3] - Carroll H. Goyne Jr: Cadet Colonel of the CTD at Iowa Wesleyan College, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa June 1943

[183-4] - Aviation Cadet Carroll H. Goyne, Jr. Phoenix, Arizona October 1943

[183-5] - Aviation Cadet Detachment at Iowa Wesleyan College

[183-6] - Students in Course 18, Falcon Field, Arizona. Caroll Goyne 2nd row center (behind man holding white object) April 13, 1944

[183-7] - Students in Flight B, Course 18, Falcon Field, Mesa, Arizona, December 3, 1943

[183-8] - Pilots of the 302nd Air Transport Wing at Grove Field. 2nd Lt Carroll Goyne top right. Also included 2nd Lt Robert Stebritz, 2nd Lt Hugh Craig and Flight Officer Roger Price.

[183-9] - Orders directing Carroll H. Goyne, Jr. to report to New Orleans on March 26, 1943 for induction into the U.S. Army and for pre-aviation cadet basic training at Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls Texas

[183-10] - Carroll H. Goyne, Jr. with PT-17 during Primary Flight Training Phase at Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona

[183-11] - Carroll H. Goyne, Jr. with AT-6 during Advanced Training Phase at Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona

[183-12] - Carroll H. Goyne Jr. and his sister, Betty Jean Goyne, in front of their Grandmother's home at 722 Rutherford St, Shreveport, Louisiana The other male is James Lee West, one of Carroll's classmates at Byrd High School. Photo taken around Dec 1, 1943

[183-13] - Carroll H. Goyne Jr. with Piper J-3 Cub. Monthei Flying Service near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

[183-14] - Carroll H. Goyne Jr. and Lt. Stebritz flying formation over the English Channel in a C-47 of the 87th Air Transport Squadrron, call-sign "Bluestream."

[183-15] - Carroll H. Goyne Jr. Longbeach, Calfornia, May 1944

[183-16] - Lt Col Carroll H. Goyne Jr. Air War College, Class of 1965, Mongomery, Alabama

[183-17] - Colonel Carroll H. Goyne Jr. retirement ceremony, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, September 1, 1975

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