Brian 'Wulfie' Clark

Brian Clark was born in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1955, one of three children of Doris and Donald Clark. When he was three his parents divorced and his mother and siblings moved to Shreveport where he attended St. Theresa Elementary school. Growing up, there was a lot of music in the house from KEEL radio and from records by Elvis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and others. The first concert he attended was Creedence Clearwater Revival at Hirsch Coliseum. The CYO, Catholic Youth Organization, at St. Theresa's had a great influence on him because they organized a lot of outings for the students. He had been to dances every Friday night during the summer and had carefully watched the bands play and that is when he decided he wanted to play music. So he had his brother string an old guitar to play like a bass and he taught himself how to play. He began playing at the Barksdale youth center and at skating rinks and private parties with a band he formed with some friends. His first club gig was at Snoopy's Peanut Gallery down in Shreve Square. At the age of 22, when he and his band Survivor began working, they played the Southwestern Club Circuit, beginning in Dallas, up to Tulsa, Oklahoma, then through Kansas Denver and Casper, Wyoming, then down to New Mexico, back across West Texas, South Texas and then home to Shreveport. They also recorded an album, All Your Pretty Moves. At that time, A-Train and Southpaw were still doing well in Shreveport-Bossier. In the late `70s he formed his band Philadelphia, a Christian band. They did well, playing at large concerts and making an album Tell the Truth. Later, they backed up Resurrection Band, also known as Rez Band, and played with them at the Cornerstone festival in Chicago. This was so successful that for the next seven years they backed up the Rez. They also put out two albums, one of which was Search and Destroy. After they disbanded he played in the Wonderdogs, Bushrod Jenkins, and Identity Crisis. Brian considers himself very lucky to have been able to be a musician all of his life. He now manages the Band House along with playing in two bands. He thinks the music industry changes are great in that a musician can now lay his own tracks and upload them without needing a studio deal. But the industry is in a transition time where there are few labels signing musicians. His favorite song is an Irish song called "Johnny Boy" and he has many favorite artists including Steppenwolf, Rolling Stones, Johnny Winter, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper plus many hard rock artists.