Donald G. Graves

Glen was born in 1955 in Waco, Texas to Ethel and Red Graves. He had two brothers and two sisters. His father was a musician and played stand up bass with Hank Williams, Senior later serving in the military. After discharge he played on the Porter Wagoner Show for three years. Glen was only fourteen when he and his brothers started the band `Graveyard' and began playing at the `Bossier Strip' in Bossier City and at the Shindig in Shreveport, Louisiana. In the `70s and `80s, Shreveport was really big in music and there were thirty or forty places to play. Graveyard was in high demand so they would get dropped off on the Strip in Bossier on Friday after school and stay down there all weekend long. He graduated from Parkway High School and went straight into music and played on the road for forty-eight years including twenty-three years with the `Voodudes'. Over the years, his band has opened for, or played with, Guess Who, Three dog Night and Neil Diamond. He has met James Garner, Joan Jett, David Lee Roth, John Waite, The Babys and The Vapors. In 1981 he came home to Shreveport where he met and married Bonny Pruett. He feels that the music industry is a lot harder now because there are no record companies and so much is done on the internet. You have to do most of it on your own. His favorite type of music is Otis Redding and all the `60s music. His favorite band in the world is The Beatles who he first heard when they were on the Ed Sullivan Show. He and his wife Bonny have one daughter.