Ted Lindsay

Ted Lindsay was born in Shreveport in 1950 to Ted and Cleo Lindsay. Growing up, Ted was around music in his home because his father's band would have rehearsals there. He and his dad bought his first guitar, a 1958 Les Paul Standard, when he was 15. He and his friends started the band, The Warlocks, previously the Undertakers, and played at the CYO, a Catholic teen club, and later at the VFW. The Warlocks recorded some songs at Sound City across from Byrd High School. He was drafted into the Army and sent to Homestead, Florida and while he was in the Army, his mother took some of his material to Nashville to Dianne Petty who managed the American Broadcasting Company Publishing and after discharge he signed with Roger Cook and by 1979 had several songs recorded. When he wrote a couple of songs that Crystal Gayle recorded, Room For One More and Too Many Lovers, Ted received a gold record because her album Miss The Mississippi went gold. His song, Too Many Lovers, went to number one on the billboard charts. Ted left Nashville and moved back to Shreveport and joined the music industry here. He played at Tommy's Place and with many other musicians in Shreveport. His favorite artists are Bob Dylan and the Beatles and the favorite original music was the music he did with Jimmy Cousins. He opened for Timbuc 3 and Marshall Crenshaw at the Exit/In in Nashville. He now plays acoustic guitar at Noble Savage and bass at Lee's and every year he and Danny Wilder and Kathryn Hobgood organize a trip to Lead Belly's grave and play Lead Belly's music to the attendees.