Ron Hardy

Ron Hardy was born in El Paso, Texas to Lily Pearl and Emanuel Hardy. Both his father and mother were from Coushatta, Louisiana. He came back to Shreveport at fourteen to live with his father and joined the army at seventeen in 1974 doing his boot camp at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He was sent to Fort Hood and attached to the 1st of the 82nd Field Artillery Unit which was attached to the 82nd Airborne Division. After discharge he began playing music in San Francisco and in the 1980's Ron began playing drums with the band Premonition. They played in the park and speakeasies. He joined the band Galaxy that played in the hippie underground and included magicians and dancers as well as musicians. They began Galactic Promotions in 1982, a co-op where performers could find gigs, make flyer, posters, and copies, watch instructional musical videos and have rehearsal spots. After Ron left Galaxy in 1984, he began his own band, Tarumbae and The Rhythm Rockers and made a record in 1986. In 1992, Ron moved to Finland, taught, had several bands and married a Finnish girl. His band No Explanation did well and they played in Helsinki, Estonia, and Sweden. When he returned to Shreveport, he began playing with Danny Wilder and Millard Kennedy and set up a recording studio. He has Red Beans and Rice Productions and Utopia West Publishing. He also started the non-profit, Players Inc., in order to give back to the community. The program, the Urban Music Workshop teaches kids about management, the business, song writing and performance skills. Ron likes that fact that Shreveport is a "simple" town, he thinks that it will eventually grow and he pushed a resolution to have Shreveport named the Southern Soul Capital.