Michael DeArmond

Michael DeArmond was born in 1963 in Murray, Kentucky to Don and Elaina DeArmond. Michael has two brothers and a sister. By the time he was in the 7th grade, he had lived in about 20 states but he calls Henderson, Texas his home because they lived there the longest and his happiest times revolved around music. When he was five or six years old, his family attended a family reunion where a blue grass band was playing. He thinks that was the turning point in his life. Michael's first gig was at a club in Virginia Beach, Virginia while he was in Navy boot. He served on the USS Yellowstone and traveled to 38 different countries. As soon as the ship docked in a port, he would go to the closest beer joint and begin playing. He spent six years active duty and four years in the reserve. Michael served as an optical electronic specialist and worked on night vision scopes, periscopes and sniper scopes but his last year, an admiral asked him to travel and play for the troops in the USO Tour. When he was discharged, he went home to Henderson, Texas, and began playing in bars and met his current wife Jaci. They subsequently moved to Shreveport and he began playing at Southpaws and stayed there for 17 months. He has been in Shreveport since that time and plays some parties, like the after party for Willie Nelson when he was in concert here. Michael says that the music business is hard, being away from home and family, and one thing he is proud of is that he stayed away from drugs. He says that music has always been his drug. The act of creating music with others, "that's the addiction for me." He and his wife, Jaci, have two children, Jordan and Olivia who are gifted artists and musicians. Michael loves his life and plays for many benefits. He is a huge supporter of Providence House. Michael went back to school and studied film and television and directed a movie, Vestige, as the first assistant director. He also directs and produces music videos and commercials. He has recorded seven albums and produced about 50 bands and has a record label and studio in Shreveport. The music that inspired him was rock and roll and the bands Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alice Cooper. His favorite song is Dream On by Aerosmith.