Kenneth LaBorde

Kenneth LaBorde was born in 1960 at the hospital, Hotel Dieu, in New Orleans, Louisiana to Ruby and James LaBorde. His parents met when his father was playing guitar on stage in a bar in Marksville, Louisiana. His brother-in-law, Jerry Griffin was a drummer on the Bossier Strip and was the biggest inspiration for him to play drums and Kenneth took lessons from Hines Williams, a famous drummer from this area. Most of time Kenneth played his music at Lake Bistineau but also played with Cliff Morton and Jerry Beaver in El Dorado. Cliff Morton was at one time a keyboard player for Wild Cherry. The musicians who inspired him the were his brother-in-law and local musicians Greg Craig, Jerry Beach and Robert Tubbs. Kenneth held a variety of jobs in the local area which allowed him to play his drums around Shreveport and at Lake Bistineau and some of the clubs on the Bossier strip. He played at Michael's, Southpaws, Tommy's Place, and Sak's Whisk a Go Go. He started and played in the band Black Water. In town he worked with Robin and the Bluebirds, Stan Hoffman and Bruce Flett. He has also played in New Orleans, Haynesville and Cullen. Kenny now plays with Teddy and the Poor Boys which includes Stan Hoffman, Ted Hanson and Gary Graves. He has recorded with Paws La Boda with the band Midnight Lightning, and with a band called What Tha Deuce and his recordings are on YouTube and ReverbNation.