Jay Davis

Jay Davis was born in Magnolia, Arkansas in 1954 to Joe and Betty. His father and grandfather served in the military. After the WWII, his father worked for the Corps of Engineers and also for American Bridge and was a consulting construction engineer for the World Trade Center in New York. His mother was an actress and director at the Shreveport Little Theatre. Jay's introduction to music was through his uncle who played guitar for the Cut Ups which became the Uniques with Joe Stampley. After taking piano lessons Jay began playing with Thomas Logan and Jimmy Clark at the age of twelve. They called their band The Examples. At fifteen, he played at the Shindig on the Bossier Strip in the band, Dark Horse and at Meryl Kimberly's Sax Whisk-a-Go-Go as well as other clubs in Shreveport. Over the years, Jay has worked with Foreigner, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, Elton John and and has written songs with Rod Stewart and has lived in New York City, Los Angeles and Nashville. When he left the music industry he moved to Caddo Lake, owned a grocery store, laundromat and hardware store before deciding to go back into music, moving to Memphis, Tennessee. In 2000, Jay bought a house in Shreveport and began playing music locally. In his music career Jay has worked on movies, commercials, and television shows.