Donald G. Wilson
U. S. Army
Chaplain, 4/31, 196th Light Infantry Brigade

Rev. Donald G. Wilson was born in 1938 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Horace and Ruth Wilson. He graduated from Bluestone High School and then from the University of Richmond in 1960. In 1963, he graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville and married Mary Lewis Linthicum. He was selected to serve as chaplain in the army and went to Fort Dix for basic training. In December 1969 he was deployed to Vietnam as a 1st Lieutenant in the Americal Division. He was assigned the chaplaincy of the 4th of the 31st and the 3rd of the 21st, 196th Light Infantry Brigade. For most of his Vietnam tour of duty, he stayed in the field with Alpha or Bravo Company and would fly back to LZ West and LZ Center for Sunday services if possible. When he left Vietnam, he was assigned to Fort Bragg before being deployed to Korea in the 2nd Infantry Division. He attended Army War College and served as senior military chaplain at West Point for two years form 1986 to 1988 where he was promoted to colonel. He also served in Germany for four years. Donald retired from service in 1994, served as minister in Virginia Beach, Bayside Baptist Church for six years and then at Boydton, Nelson Baptist Church.