Edie Foy
Professional singer

Edie was born as the daughter of Rufus David Foy and Fay Arnold Foy in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, on a small farm. She recalls picking cotton and watching her mother quilt on frames lowered from the ceiling. The family butchered hogs and kept Irish potatoes under the house in layers of lime and dirt. Edie graduated from Bossier High School in 1948. She worked in an accounting firm for ten years, and later for KCIJ Radio. She began singing country music at a nightclub on U.S. 1, and played local gigs in an all-female band along with Lottie Owens, Connie Span, and Ann Maulden. She attended Louisiana Hayride, but never performed there. Edie moved to Nashville where she sang. She also performed in Los Vegas and in Arizona, and often performed on the same stage with Dottie West. "She was my idol. I still do a lot of Dottie West songs," Edie remarks. She recalls going on stage as early as 6 a.m. Edie has also recorded her music, including "You Don't See Me," which made the "top forty" radio list. "I have three out now," she says. She took a hiatus of thirty-five years from the business but returned. "I'm too old to be a star, but I love music and I love doing it," she says. Today she performs on the "Choctaw casino circuit." Edie married Jerry Hucklebridge on August 15, 1949. They had three children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.