Jesse G. Head
U. S. Navy
WWII US Military
Flew with & maintained Navy Blimps/Sub-chaser

While working in this Tennessee city, Jesse joined what was called the "Memphis Navy." It was comprised mainly of men whom the government promised to return to their jobs after the war at nearby Millington Navy Air Base. He returned, but during the war saw so many more places first. Born near Eros, Louisiana in a little hamlet called Hog Hair, he entered service on July 31, 1942. Although Jesse was sent back to Memphis after boot camp, he soon found himself in Recife, Brazil where he trained on blimps. On four- to twelve-hour flights, they patrolled off the coast, searching for enemy submarines they never found. After nearly sixteen months in Brazil, he was sent to anti-submarine school in Key West. Later, while en route to the Pacific on the destroyer USS Murphy (DD-603), Japan surrendered. Entering Nagasaki early in the occupation of Japan, he was shocked by the appearance of the victims of the second atomic blast. Back in America, Jesse was discharged on December 14, 1945. He spent most of his career with CitCon Oil Company.