John H. Ansley

[895-2] - John's dog tags, P-38 can opener and an AK-47 round that was fired at him, but missed!

[895-3] - NVA Lighter

[895-4] - NVA oil can.

[895-5] - James Logue and John Ansley forty-six years after serving in Vietnam together.

[895-6] - John at his grandparents house with fish his grandfather shot with an M1 rifle.

[895-7] - John Ansley, Jr., 7 or 8 years old, Harlem, Georgia.

[895-8] - John Ansley 10th or 11th grade in Harlem High School.

[895-9] - Vietnam: John Ansley, Mike Kangus, Lt Easterling.

[895-10] - The men of 1st Platoon. John is on the lower left with his hat brim up.

[895-11] - John Ansley taking a break while on patrol in Vietnam.

[895-12] - Left to right back row: Johns uncle, Frank Ansley; Henry Ansley; Henrys brother-in-law Douglas Johnson; fathers youngest brother, Percy Ansley. Front row, left to right: Francis Ansley (wife of Frank Ansley); Johns mother, Jewel Maggie Aycok Ansley; fathers sister, Mary Johnson; June Ansley, school teacher from Indiana. Wife of Percy Ansley.

[895-13] - John Ansley, Christmas of 1972, Thomson, Georgia.

[895-14] - Bobby Gene Ansley, brother; Carol Ann Ansley, sister; John Ansley, MacDuffie County, Georgia, 1974 or 1975.

[895-15] - Letter of Commendation

[895-16] - General Orders; Award of the Bronze Star

[895-17] - General Orders; Award of the Bronze Star

[895-18] - Citation: The Bronze Star Medal

[895-19] - The Bronze Star Medal

[895-20] - The Bronze Star Medal

[895-21] - Discharge from the United States Army

[895-22] - DD-214

[895-23] - Additional Images Archived

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