James S. Kendall

[489-2] - James S. Kendall at the rear entrance of his B-29 in Okinawa, 1951

[489-3] - Basic Flight Training at Randolph AFB (with T-6). Standing, left to right: Carter, unknown, Lee Houck, James Kendall, Tony Narjano, Sid Spillseth, Weeks, Lehman, Bill Wilson, unknown. Seated, left to right: Regis Sellers, Charles Horton, Peek, LeSeur, Frank Bath, Lee Kirk, Sam __?__.

[489-4] - First Squadron, Basic Cadet Training at Randolph AFB, TX, 1951

[489-5] - The "Taj Mahall" at Randolph AFB, 1951

[489-6] - James Kendall (right) with Lee Houck at Randolph AFB, 1950

[489-7] - James Kendall, Lee Kirk, Lee Houck, Bill Wilson at Randolph AFB, 1950

[489-8] - B-29 crew at Okinawa, 1951. Standing, left to right: Rancour, Bryant, unknown, unknown, Williams. First row: unknown, Robinson, Fountain, Clark, James Kendall, Roger Ohman

[489-9] - James Kendall , Bill O'Connor, Gene Koken in San Antonio, 1951

[489-10] - With B-29 Miss N. C.: First row, left to right: Unknown, Rancoure, gunner; Robinson, navigator; Standing: James Kendall, co-pilot; Tony Fountain, radar navigator; Bryant, gunner; Chuck Clark, bombardier; "Pappy" Williams, engineer.

[489-11] - James Kendall receiving the Air Medal from the Squadron Commander. Okinawa, 1952

[489-12] - B-47 crew at Barksdale AFB, 1954: left to right; Wallace Horton, aircraft commander; Ed Seward (Snake), radar navigator; James Kendall co-pilot.

[489-13] - ID Photo, 1966

[489-14] - An A-1E dropping napalm and white phosphorus near Long Khanh. Photo taken by Kendall from FAC aircraft.

[489-15] - James Kendall with O-1E at Xuan Loc. 1966/67

[489-16] - An A-1E dropping napalm near Tuc Trung. Photo by Kendall

[489-17] - Hootch maid at Xuan Loc. 1966/67

[489-18] - Martha Raye at Xuan Loc, 1966/67

[489-19] - Viet Cong base camp in War Zone "D" with underground bunkers and trenches. 1966/67

[489-20] - The town of Xuan Loc in III Corps

[489-21] - A Trail Dust C-123 spraying Agent Orange in War Zone D north of Xuan Loc

[489-22] - 10th Division FAC's, radio operators and crew chiefs at Xuan Loc, 1966: Jenkins, Martin, Campbell, Adkins, Gastone, Stroupe, Eveheigh, Rappohi, Sills, Kendall, Hinds, Embree, Milburn, Johnson

[489-23] - Veteran's Memorial at Plano, TX, 2009. Michael Kendall, Congressman Johnson, James Kendall.

[489-24] - DD-214

[489-25] - Retirement orders

[489-26] - Certificate of Retirement

[489-27] - Letter from Lt Gen E. S. Harris, Jr.

[489-28] - Biography

[489-29] - Sketch accompanying biography

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