Rellis P. Godfrey

[455-2] - Rellis Godfrey and Major Phat at Godfreys house in Rach Gia, Vietnam, June 1971

[455-3] - On the Gulf on Siam, 1971

[455-4] - Rellis Godfrey with Navy personnel at captured weapons cache in Cambodia, 1970

[455-5] - Road leading to a Catholic Church in the IV Corps area. Abandoned Viet Cong/NVA fox holes to the left in the grove of palm trees. 1971

[455-6] - Canal and picnic area in front of Godreys house in Rach Gia. 1970

[455-7] - A guard hut approximately 30 feet in front of Godfreys house. There was a 24 hour guard posted at each end of the bridge. Across the canal is an open market.

[455-8] - Major Phat's jeep used to go into Cambodia where the cache was found.

[455-9] - Weapons cache discovered in Cambodia, 1970

[455-10] - Along with the weapons cache in Cambodia there was a large amount of occupation money seen here in the center of the photo.

[455-11] - Cambodian weapons cache

[455-12] - Typical rice paddy in Cambodia, across the border from Vietnam, 1970

[455-13] - Samples of "occupation money" found in Cambodian weapons cache.

[455-14] - Shreveport Journal news article, November 28, 1984

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