John E. Smith

[229-2] - John E. Smith and Jenkins outside mess hall, Ft. Bliss, Texas, September 26, 1938

[229-3] - John E. Smith firing 37mm, Dona Ana Co., New Mexico, ca. 1941

[229-4] - Honey-Chile

[229-5] - John E. Smith working with Big Boy" at Ft. Bliss

[229-6] - PFC John E. Smith in winter dress uniform, Ft. Bliss, Texas, ca. 1939

[229-7] - John E. Smith with Honey-Chile" at Ft. Bliss

[229-8] - Barracks at Ft. Bliss, El Paso, Texas, ca. 1939

[229-9] - John E. Smith preparing to go to South Pacific and his father, Brooks Smith, returning from Guadalcanal, May 1943

[229-10] - John E. Smith, Reblock, Turner, and Janes with captured Japanese rifle, Los Negros Island

[229-11] - Brooks Smith, Jr., Navy Carrier Pilot during Vietnam War, ca. 1961

[229-12] - 1st Cavalry Division Cemetery in Los Negros, Admiralty Islands, ca. April 1943

[229-13] - John Smith being held in his mother's arms in the San Antonio River at Breckenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas with aunt and uncle, Rena and Johnny Stewart. ca. 1923

[229-14] - Marceal Smith, John Smith, and John Smith, Jr. at the 1962 Reunion of 1st Cavalry Division

[229-15] - Sgt Whitmeyer, John Smith, Dodwysoki, and Lt Eaton coming off patrol in New Guinea, ca. 1944

[229-16] - John E. Smith: Honorable Discharge and Enlisted Record dated October 16, 1941

[229-17] - John E. Smith: Reproduction of Birth Certificate

[229-18] - John E. Smith: Shellback Certificate

[229-19] - John E. Smith: Letters From Sen. Overton Brooks and Army Administration Center Regarding the Presentation of World War II Awards, May 1951

[229-20] - John E. Smith: Honorable Discharge and Enlisted Record and Report of Separation dated July 12, 1945

[229-21] - John E. Smith: Letter from Major General Innis P. Swift to James E. Smith (Jim's father) upon presentation of the Bronze Star. 19 July 1944

[229-22] - News Article on the Presentation of the Bronze Star Award to John E. Smith

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