Robert H. Thompson, Aviation Electronics Technician 3rd Class
U. S. Navy
Dates of Service: 06/02/1971 - 05/22/1973
Electronics Technician, USS Constellation. Recon Squadron
Mr. Thompson, an accomplished musician and native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania served in the navy during the Vietnam War aboard the USS Constellation, an aircraft carrier. During his 9-month cruise near the Vietnam coast, aircraft from the carrier bombed North Vietnam. The Constellation also mined Haiphong Harbor, North Vietnam's only major harbor. Mr. Hardy, now a Buddhist, recalls protesting the Vietnam War in college, and found himself opposed to it even more while he served: "You really have to question why we were there. I would definitely defend my family if someone attacked my family. And if someone attacked this country. But as a Buddhist war is a most horrible thing. It is the very last resort. Thats not the way we did it in Vietnam. It was not the very, very last resort. You know I protested the war before I joined the Navy after I got back from the war I had tremendous conviction that war should not ever exist. To me looking back on it it was just a way for a few people to make a lot of money."