Kenneth E. Darnell, 1 LT
U. S. Army
Dates of Service: 03/15/1952 - 03/15/1955
Company Commander, L Company, 65th Puerto Rican Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division
Mr. Darnell, a graduate of LSU where he was an ROTC member, was captain of Lima Company in the 65th Regiment in the Korean War. It was a Puerto Rican regiment that, because Darnell spoke Spanish fluently, benefitted greatly from his leadership. In winter, he recalls, all suffered from the harsh, frigid weather, especially in night maneuvers: At that point of the war, it was hill battles and these very uncomfortable patrols; all night patrols; combat patrols; ambush patrols; recon patrols. Twenty and thirty degrees below zero. Most of mine were ambush patrols. I ambushed two Chinese patrols on consecutive nights. But it was so darn uncomfortable. Youd pick out an ambush site on the map, and by the time you got out there, you were soaking wet, with a parka and the insulated boots and all that, and then youd lay down in the snow and ice for six or eight hours. I still find myself subconsciously wiggling my toes to keep em from freezing. The wait was the worst part because youd pray for a firefight or something to happen (laughter) where you could bring it to a conclusion and go back to where there was a fire somewhere. Mr. Darnell went on to a career with Haliburton, living in South America, Canada, and several locations in the United States.